Join me and take a stand against the foreign-owned banks

The big four Aussie banks are ripping our country off. This year, they are on track for yet more huge profits at New Zealand’s expense, taking $4 billion out of our economy.

Over 90% of the banking sector in NZ is foreign-owned, largely by the big four Australian owned banks, ANZ, BNZ, Westpac and ASB. These big banks are like a hole in the hull of the New Zealand economy.

Enough is enough.

NZ First will conduct a review of the foreign-owned banks focusing on competition, how much tax they are paying and how we can grow our own New Zealand banking sector.

It’s time someone stood up to the banks.

Help me send the foreign-owned banks a message by adding your name to the list of New Zealanders taking a stand.

Rt Hon Winston Peters
NZ First

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